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Psychic Chris Dufresne

As we continue the journey of life, it's time to ask the question, how does one have the ability to see into the future? Maybe you know someone who has the ability to hear people from the other side. It's an honor to have one of the best in the biz. Chris Dufresne join us live.

Growing up I was alway interested and watched Chris Dufresne mom, Syliva Browne who was a Psychic medium, and would make many appearances on local TV like KOMO 4 Northwest Afternoon, and then become a regular on Montel Williams TV show. Some may have no idea who Sylia Browne is but her legacy live on with her son Chris Dufresne. I'm so honored to have Chris join us live on the show to take your Psychic calls. Maybe a loved one has passed, or your looking to find out which path you should take. We will have limited opening for call. If you would like to get on the waiting list, email Tune in on our flagship station Talk Radio 570 KVI on August 7th at 10pm live.

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