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Near Death Experience

Dear U.S. Phenomenon

it’s a pleasure hearing you on the radio. I’m listening via KOSW Ocean Shores.

When I was 15 I had a major accident and died on the operating table and was died for 7 minutes. I’ve never felt anything like this before. When it happen I was able to see the doctor continue to work on me to bring me back. The feeling calm peaceful and seeing the white light was so calming. I was at ease with this sense of calm. When I heard this familiar voice which I believe was Grandpa voice explaining my time wasn’t just yet.

Since my NDE I have the ability to see future events in my dreams. When it first happen, this lady was texting and walking and got hit by this person riding their bike. During thr Day I was walking to The corner story to get some chips and a drink. When my dream started to play out right in front of me. Yelling at lady to watch out! The bike almost hit her. Thinking nothing of, weeks later I had this dream of my friend mom injuring herself. Most of the times I would say anything out of fear of being put into a hospital. As retired adult I still see the future events. I’ve yet to see my winning lotto numbers.

God Bless,


Ocean Shores

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