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The Entity

As we enter tax season, there is two guarantees in life taxes and death. It’s been some time since my grandfather passed away. He had been not well for sometime. He passed in his sleep. My aunt called to share his passing, We all came to say our goodbyes before the funeral home arrived to take him away. As we waited I saw this shadow moving upstairs thinking it was the person to take my grandfather away. we went upstairs to greet the person, to find out that they hadn’t arrived. We continue waiting. What was this that I saw? Was it my grandfather leaving? Was it my grandmother.? What I can recall was outline of dark shadow that appeared then quickly leaving. Feeling chill bumps rushed up my arms. To this day I haven’t seen anything like it since. I believe it was my grandfather saying goodbye. Have you ever had one of these experiences? What do you think it was?

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