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The Drive

What are some things you do to prep for your long drive? Pack some drinks, snacks, phone charger. Maybe an old pillow and blanket. For me on long drives I tend to stop at my favorite fast food joint McDs. Just cause I know my cheese burger fry’s and coke will taste the same in Ellensburg or Kelso or Bellingham. (share your favorite place to stop, leave a comment below)

Before I got into radio I recall driving home from working 2nd shift at Boeing tuning around and finding this guy on radio talking JFK assignation, which sparked my interest. Even when I parked my green Honda I still couldn’t just turn it off. The guest giving insight to other possibilities. As time would go on I would tune in from time to time. Art Bell was a master at his craft, asking the right questions, letting his listener share their encounters giving them the platform. When I got into radio to become the next big radio Dj, I worked my way up to overnight weekend Dj. Then to engineering, producing, and on air weekends. When I was given the opportunity to do weekends on KPLZ I upped at the opportunity. It was almost two years, then Covid stopped the world. I was put on pause.

In my radio career I have only had two visions one to get into radio, and the second was to bring back the style of Arts show with my own twist. Born was my podcast Northwest Phenomenon. I was so lucky when I presented to my first station KOSW they loved the idea and concept of the show. It has been a work in progress. KGRG was my second station play two hours. KAPY came to us wanting to take the show. Working to fine tune the show I hired coach. make small changes made big difference. We gained our 4th station KVI. Fun fact did you know near by is Maury Island the home of Maury Island Incident

We will do a show on this topic soon. I share this story because it’s my story and how I fell in love with the drive.Random fact: I only made it on Art Bell show once just before Y2k. Lets make Radio great again!

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