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Jane Doe 1986

DATE Found: Jan 2, 1986

Location Found: King County, WA

Sex: Female

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes Color: Unknown

Estimated Height: 5'6"

On January 2, 1986, skeletal remains of an unidentified female were found near Mountain View Cemetery in Auburn, Washington. Based on the condition of the remains, she had most likely been deceased for 1-3 years prior to discovery. The Jane Doe is believed to have been between 14 and 18 years of age, and was between 5'4" and 5'8" in height. DNA Phenotyping performed by Parabon Nanolabs has revealed the Jane Doe is Caucasian and had a very fair or fair skin tone, green or blue eyes, and blonde hair. The featured reconstruction was completed by a NCMEC Forensic Artist and is a rendering of what the Jane Doe may have looked like. Phenotypic traits provided by Parabon were utilized to enhance the image with color. Anyone with information should contact the King County Sheriff?s Office and reference case number 86-000818.

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