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Thank You

First I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the years, from name changes to radio station dial positions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! With the pandemic things have changed in radio/ online listening. When I created my podcast Off-Air with Matteo it was an extension of the radio show. My air shift on KPLZ(Call Letters) STAR 101.5 FM was on sundays for the last two years. Thank you Kent Phillips, and management for giving me the opportunity to be on air. At one point I was number 1- 18-34 women. I just wanted people to listen and have fun! When things got bad I was asked to not do my radio shift on Sunday's from 6am to 12pm. I continued podcasting Off-Air With Matteo. Now come the crazy fun part. I'd like to thank all of my guest who have been on! I've decided to start using my real name that was the plan on STAR 101.5.

Here we are with a new show Name, Logo and website and all other fun social media outlets. I hope you continue to follow and enjoy the content I'm providing. If you have a suggestion for a show topic please send me an email.

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