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The Mystery Voice at Fort Flagler

We received this email and thought I‘d share the story with you. Dear Mario

Every year my wife and I take our camping trip to Fort Flagler. We’ve been doing this is trip for 25 years, now our kids are grown up and attend from time to time. It was the summer of 2020 late July. My wife and I decided to take a sunset bike ride up to Henry Bankhead.

This where they had two gun which have been removed. So the rooms are empty dark and damp. As always we bring our head lamps just along with a couple other items just in case. As we begin to walk in and start to explore the rooms we both end up splitting up with the understand we would meet up in few minutes. I started heading down down a hallway when my headlamp started to dim, and I heard something to the words can you help me? I quickly turned around to find nothing around me. I called for my wife and she was down the way and answered from a distance on my way. Keeping my cool I heard it again, can you help me? Again I turned around to find nobody around. My wife arrives and we started walking out together when we both heard can you help me? We both looked at each other and quickly made our way out. We both asked each other did you heard that? Confirming we heard the same thing, we decided to head back to camp for our evening camp fire, desert, and our night cap. To this day I haven’t found any historical evidence. Maybe if you share our story someone can share their encounter. Thank you,



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