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A Heartfelt Plea: Join Us in the Fight Against Stage IV Cancer

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

In the face of adversity, communities have the power to come together and make a significant impact. Today, we share a story that calls for your attention, compassion, and support. We ask you to join us in the fight against stage IV cancer and help make a difference in Darlyn's life.

Darlyn met the love of my life in 2013, through my then job, and needless to say, it was love at first site; we fell into one another. While starting our family, we were presented with what most people would view as a challenging diagnosis, for our son, as he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety Disorder.

In Nov 2020 I was first diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, and I went straight into having a lumpectomy to remove the tumor the following month. In efforts to get ahead of this and do everything I can do to live, we elected to move forward with a bilateral mastectomy in April 2021. Throughout the upcoming years, there were many complications resulting in a handful of corrective surgeries. The last surgery, in early 2023, ended with multiple ER and ICU trips, causing anaphylaxis and several severe medical complications. After roughly 50 doctors’ appointments, from allergists, dermatologists, family practice, oncology, etc. I started having severe, burning, chest pain and skin changes. Again, I was misdiagnosed and told it could not be the cancer returning, as that it would be “too rare”. I knew something was wrong, everything in me told me it was cancer again, so I kept pushing my team of doctors. I decided not to proceed with the next surgery which was needed to alleviate some of my pain, as something seemed wrong, my body was telling me I could not physically handle it. Sure enough, I was right, and I ended up in the ICU, terrified to proceed with anything else. I made it my mission to keep pushing for an answer. I told friends and family I think I have cancer again and I had a constant overwhelming feeling that cancer was back. After several months of fighting for an answer, I finally had an MRI. The cancer was detected immediately. It had metastasized to my chest wall, lymph nodes, sternum, pleura (tissue around lungs), tissue around heart, liver, and spine. It is Stage 4, terminal. My life expectancy will be given to me after my first few months of the treatment which starts Nov 2023.

How You Can Help:

  1. Donate to the Campaign:

We encourage you to contribute, no matter the amount, as every little bit makes a difference.

  1. Share the Story: Please share the blog post and the individual's story on your social media platforms, spreading the message to a wider audience.

  2. Local Businesses: If you're a local Business that can help with meals or other goods. This could include donations, in-kind contributions, or hosting fundraising events at your establishments. Please contact or 775-9905151

  3. Offer Words of Encouragement: We invite you to leave messages of support and encouragement in the comments section. Positive words can be a source of strength for the person facing the battle.

Closing Thoughts: I would like to express gratitude for taking the time and consideration. It is so important to have the community's support in facing challenges like stage IV cancer. We ask for your help to share the blog post and the fundraising campaign link to maximize the reach. In times of hardship, the strength of a community shines through. Let's come together, share this story, and make a meaningful impact in the fight against stage IV cancer. Your support can make a world of difference for someone in need.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Mario M

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